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Need Help with Design, Measure & Window Shades Installation. No worries, get your best custom window shades installation service from MNM Window Covering Specialists. Years of specialization in installing shades.

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Custom Window Shades To Transform Your Space Instantly

  • Our team has beautifully installed the different types of custom shades on clients demand.
  • Our luxury window shades installation beyond the value and premium installation guarantee satisfaction by using updated installation tools.
  • Now you can coordinate them with most sliding panels and get the right size of shades for your window to function as they supposed to be.
  • You can operate them manually or with motorized controls and can be customized to fit almost any window size or shape.
  • Although, some window shades also now add up with the feature of UV protection to block out harmful sun rays.
Custom Window Shades
Window Shades Installation Service​

Benefits To Hire For Window Shades Installation Service

  • The window treatment service offers private consultations in the comfort of your home without any worry or hesitation.
  • Customize window treatment to suit your home. 
  • Convenient appointment times to fit your schedule.
  • Shades repair services help you avoid shop new window treatments.

Find The Best Window Shades Installation Based On Your Needs

  • The custom window shades installation, however the full service; includes a skilled team within hand for all commercial and residential window dressing needs from start to finish.

  • Our window shades specialist takes all the measurements after a design has been chosen and considered.

  • And execute how the product must be installed to function properly.

  • In combined to convey & execute proper maintenance and maximum performance to ensure every step is performed right.

  • We give your home the window furnishings you need, from handling, measuring, manufacturing, and executing the installation plans.

  • However, with a seamless and fashionable way to shield your outdoor items from the weather and lengthen their lifespan with outdoor shades, so we get that correctly installed.


Custom shades can be made from various materials, including fabric, wood, and vinyl. Each material with unique properties and benefits, such as durability, insulation, and light control.

To measure your windows for custom shades, you’ll need to take three measurements; the width, the height, and the depth (or inside mount depth). Getting accurate measurements to ensure a proper fit for your window shades is essential.

A drapery specialist can help you choose the right fabrics and styles for your space based on light control, privacy, and energy efficiency. They can also help you select colors and patterns that complement your decor.