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Custom Window Blinds Installation

Our expert team provides professional window blinds installation services to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Match the décor of your installation location with the various options!

Blinds are one of the best options to keep your windows covered and help control temperature while adding to your interior’s appearance. Our window treatment company offers a large number of choices when it comes to choosing the right window covering.

We make all of the difference for the look and elevate the room’s overall appearance. The professional blind installation team of experts works to set up the best blinds leaving them looking sophisticated and timeless, bringing warmth and natural beauty to any space.

As they give a unique and welcoming feature to your windows and make decorating your home easier.

Custom Window Blinds Installation
window blinds installation

When To Get Window Blinds Installation Services?

Hire a professional blind installation team if you experience the following:

Unique window shapes

A window frame different from your standard square may be more challenging to measure. If you have rectangular or bow windows, hire someone who knows how to work with unique window shapes. 

You lack the tools and experience

Custom Window Blinds requires a ladder, tape measure, and a power drill. But, if you need to gain experience using the tools 1st time, installing the blinds and shades might cause damage.

Not having enough time

Whether you have time or not, professional window installers can install window coverings with accuracy and efficiency.

Orange County Custom Window Blinds For Your Home
Office Window Blinds

Choose the range of styles pairing perfectly with curtains and drapes creating full-dressed windows and adding a level of privacy.

Don’t wait and let us incorporate your home or office with your desired window blinds.

Get install stylish window blinds with versatility, and durability by the MNM Window Covering Specialist team. 

As blinds installation company offer the widest selection of cellular pleat sizes, colors, textures, and controls which blend seamlessly into the window, trapping and absorbing light. Our blinds installation company utilizes its experience and knowledge and plans each client’s design goals and functional needs.

Designed To Fit Your Space

  • Luxury window blinds create a sophisticated look for the window. It enhances the aesthetics of a room by softening hard lines and taking your windows to new heights.
  • Office window blinds add richness and class to a room, accentuating dimensions and elongating windows. Its well-appointed fabrics feature luminous sheers and complement all window treatments.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you in window blinds installation to elevate your home or office to the next level. That add perfect privacy!!


Installing window blinds involves variable costs. The simple one-inch blinds cost $10 or less, and the one in the latest designs can cost as much as $80 to $100 per set.

Dust and dirt can accumulate on blinds over time and can be easily removed using a duster, microfiber cloth, or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. You can use a mild cleaning solution and a sponge or cloth for tougher stains.

The right size of blinds will depend on the size of your window. It is essential to measure the width and height of your window and compare it to the size range of the blinds you are considering.